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“From an operator’s perspective, Galleon has been able to save time and money by using PPI’s wide variety of pumping products and services. PPI’s competitive pricing, prompt turn-around time, and customized pump design has benefited our operation that has resulted in fewer pump changes. This impacts the bottom line, and allows more production per workover dollar” by: Galleon Energy

Profile and Mission Statement


Prime Pump Industries was founded in 2004 and has continued to experience rapid growth in the Canadian oil and gas industry by providing exceptional quality services associated with the servicing and supply of bottomhole pumps. In addition, Prime Pump also offers complete well optimization services to meet the unique needs of our growing clientele.

We have set very high standards in regards to the level and quality of services that our customers receive. With a team comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals, Prime Pump Industries guarantees that our products and services will meet or exceed the expectations of the industry.

Prime Pump Industries' goal is to continue to strategically open shop locations across Western Canada to provide our clients with the best possible customer service with minimal delivery costs, as well as local on-site well optimization services. Prime Pump Industries' focus is becoming the industry leader in quality, workmanship, and excellence in Bottomhole pump and Well Optimization products and services.

Prime Pump Industries is a pump supply and service company which also provides optimization services to oil and gas producers, drilling contractors and service companies in the oilfield industry. Prime Pump Industries' vision is to become recognized as the leader in bottomhole pumps/artificial lift and well optimization services by providing exceptional service, quality craftsmanship, and enhanced production results for our clients all at competitive pricing.

Safety Commitment

We are committed to ensuring a safe work place for our employees, contractors, customers, and visitors. Prime Pump Industries recognizes that our people are our most valued asset to the company; therefore, Prime Pump has implemented an above standard safety program as well as proactive safety and environmental management systems to ensure the safety of all those conducting work on behalf of Prime Pump Industries. In addition, Prime Pump has also obtained a Certificate of Recognition (COR) for having a comprehensive safety program in place that promotes safety in the workplace.
Our Company Our Company

Our History

Prime Pump Industries was founded in 2004 with the purchasing of McConnell Supply. In 2005 Prime Pump purchased PumpChek Optimization which allowed Prime Pump to grow into the business that it has become today. Prime Pump Industries has experienced exponential growth in the past five years and expects to see continual growth in the years to come.

Our Locations

We currently have seven locations strategically positioned across British Columbia and Alberta. Each of our shop locations is fully equipped and managed by individuals who are highly experienced in bottomhole pumps and optimization services