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Production Equipment


Stuffing RED M Reciprocating Rod Pump BOP/Controller

The RED M Reciprocating Rod Pump Surface Blow Out Preventer/Controller is designed to provide oil producers with a combination BOP/shutdown system to prevent oil spillage and environmental damage on pumping oil wells.

Stuffing Boxes

Along with offering new stuffing boxes we also provide the service of repairing stuffing boxes. We offer packing that is best suited for the well conditions providing the greatest longevity at economical prices. The Dual Pack Stuffing Box is the most common stuffing box and can be used in working pressures up to 3,000 PSI. Their unique misaligning characteristic reduces the need for exact alignment with the pumping unit.

Rod Rotators

Rod Rotators are attached to the polish rod and are designed to rotate the polish rod, sucker rods, as well as the pump valve rod and plunger. This allows equipment to wear evenly which becomes especially important in deviated wells. Rod Rotators are relatively maintenance free and provide a positive return on investment. Along with stocking complete units, Prime Pump stocks Rod Rotator parts for lost-cost reconditioning.

Blow-Out Preventers

The Huber-style blow-out preventer consists of 2 hammer-type caps that are designed to eliminate cross-threading. The screws are designed to be blow-out proof. The body is composed of ductile iron and is corrosion resistant. The BOP can be sold with sour service Stuffing rams suited for sour conditions.

img Flow Tees

We offer flow tees in the sizes of 2”, 2-1/2”, and 3” in working pressures of 2,500 and 3000 PSI. They are coated with Zincphosphate to improve the thread lubrication and are precision machined. We also offer a cast stainless steel model for high concentrations of CO2.

Polish Rod Clamps

Prime Pump sells 3-bolt Polish Rod Clamps and can order in 2- bolt Polish Rod Clamps. They are made of high strength forged steel and are designed to fit 1-1/8”, 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” img polish rods. They have precision machined parallel face perpendicular rod bore.

Presco Switch

The Presco-Switch is a pressure-responsive device that opens or closes one or more integral electrical switches at predetermined set points

Presco Isolator

Prime Pump provides this type of locking valve with most new completions. It is a simplified means of field calibration or removal of a Presco- pressure control switch of pilot under field operating conditions.

Back Pressure Regulator

The use of a Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) can be very beneficial on the pumping wells that tend to head up and flow.

API Polish Rods

Prime Pump offers five different grades of Polished Rods for all applications and well conditions. Wells with moderate amounts of load and corrosion a 431 Stainless Steel Rod is recommended.

Sucker Rod Couplings

Grade “T” couplings are manufactured from extruded carbon blanks and offer excellent strength and resistance to hydrogen embitterment. Minimum tensile strength for all couplings is 95,000 PSI but the high-grade carbon used will significantly exceed the minimum. A phosphate coating is applied to all couplings for anti-galling protection.