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Pump Accessories


img Carbide Insert Guide (CIG)

The installation of the Carbide Insert Guide (CIG) will eliminate the possibility of your rod insert pump problems of broken or severely worn holdown assembly’s. The unique design of this guide allows the installation of a carbide insert to be put into the center of your valve rod guide which will eliminate holdown wear and breaks.

Priming Valve

The installation of the Priming Valve (PV) will eliminate gas-locking problems associated with gassy and low volume wells. In a gas lock situation, gassy fluid between the pumps two valves is expanded and compressed. When the pressure in between the two valves becomes greater than the inflow pressure, the standing valve will not open. If both valves remain closed the pump will gas lock, reducing or eliminating the wells production.

img Positive Seal Plug (PSP)

The design of the Positive Seal Plug (PSP) eliminates the possibility of your bottomhole pump hanging up or seizing on the downstroke due to sands and solids. The PSP’s unique design allows sands and solids in the bottom chamber of your pump barrel to be funneled through the travel cage and plunger. The PSP utilizes a tight tolerance and a funnel design to push the solids trapped in your fluid through the plunger’s center rather than allowing it to go in-between your plunger and barrel tube causing hang-ups or seizing the plunger on the downstroke. With the PSP pushing the solids through the center of the plunger, the plunger is allowed to fall free without hang-ups.

Top Seal

Top Seal was designed to seal off sand, scale and other undesirable well material from settling around the barrel and seating assembly on a stationary barrel, bottom hold down type pump.
Top Seal utilizes a rubber element that is bonded with a steel insert to minimize extrusion, to aid in releasing the rubber from the tubing wall, and to prevent the fluid from washing it away when the tool is released. This rubber element acts as a packer to isolate the space usually open to receive sand and scale.

img Gas Locking Prevention Components

Top Gas Check or Top Sliding Valve
Hydrostatic Relief Valve (HRV)
Hart Gas Lock Breaker
Dart Valve
Solution Valve