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Prime Pump Industries Inc. considers itself “second to none” when it comes to collecting field data by using the most up to date equipment available to our industry and having the most experienced optimization personnel for the services we provide. We take pride in providing more than just a service - we work with our customers to accomplish a complete optimization solution.

Prime Pump Industries’ goal is to provide our clients with accurate data and rapid service at competitive prices allowing our customers to make timely decisions, reduce down time, minimize operating costs and optimize their production capabilities. We are committed on building life long relationships through excellence and pride in our services.


Optimization Services

Electronic Submission of Pressure Survey Data

Acoustic Fluid Level Surveys and Reporting
- Acoustic Fluid Level Survey (Producing* / Static)
- Static Single-Shot Bottomhole Pressure Calculation
- Annular Fluid Depression Test (via Manual Acoustic Fluid Levels)
- Annular Fluid Depression Test (via Automated Acoustic Fluid Levels)
- Annular Fluid Depression Test – Analysis and Report
- Pressure Data Logging
- Acoustic Bottomhole Pressure Surveys (Automated Data Acquisition)
- Build-up Survey (Multi-Point) Bottomhole Pressure Report
- Monitoring Report for Acoustic Pressure Survey in Progress
- P.T.A. - Flow and Buildup Analysis Report (Acoustic or Surface Data)

AWS Pressure Survey PAS Files
- Static Fluid Level Survey (GRD.PAS) File
- Pressure Survey (TRG.PAS) File

Dynamometer Surveys and Reporting
- Quick Check Dynamometer
- Surface Dynamometer Report
- In-Depth Dynamometer Report
- In-Depth Dynamometer Report w/ Pumping System Design Match

ERCB Requirements and Reporting
- Surface Casing Vent Test and Report
- Stock Tank Test and Report
- Packer Isolation Test and Report

ERCB Requirements and Reporting
- Engineering Services